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Rosie... my Pumpkin


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Patriot Border Collies

Red/White and Black/White

Herding, Agility, Obedience and Tracking

Breeding for Outstanding Quality

Training for Excellence



In the heart of the Shenandoah Valley






*House Kitty Needs

a Forever Home,

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 The Kitties

of Patriot Hill Farm





Rising Sun Patriot Mochamotion 





Sini brings to the table an incredible herding pedigree with 

6 International Supreme Champions (double line bred on

2 two-time International Supreme Champions).  With beauty and brains to match, the pups from her first litter are turning heads and making their mark in the ring and in the herding field.  Here's a quick look at

 "Patriot's Master Switch", daughter of Sini and Pace:




Sini is very stylish, responsive and natural with a beautiful outrun and nice flanks.  Her temperament is about as biddable and affectionate as you could ask for, which she puts into her kids.  She has  "to die for" flowing movement, plenty of reach, gorgeous shoulders and length of back that gives her incredible balance.  She has correct structure with proper angulation.  Her total frame is well set with hindquarters

 that are built for drive, power and impulsion.

Well, let's just simply say...she's a very pretty girl with smarts.



  (Click Here) to see

the 2010 Singe X Pace litter

 Patriot's "Pace" has been my "golden boy" all his life.  From stockdog and versatility lines, he is an unstoppable worker, bubbly in personality and a fun dog to be around.  Not only does he have the work ethic to get any job done, he has an "on/off" button making him so easy to live with.   He is phenomenally gentle and playful around puppies and has been my "go to" man for puppy socialization.  All that ... and stunning-ly handsome as well!




All of us at Patriot Hill Farm are so proud to announce

that our beloved Rose is now a

Record of Merit Excellent!

She and her full littermate sister, Maddie, are the first

full sisters to both become an ROMX in the history of

the Border Collie Society of America! 

 Great Grandmother:  Tillie,  Foundation ROM

Grandmother: Midge, ROMX

Mother: Kellye, ROMX

  Sister: Maddie, ROMX,Triple Herding Ch

 Rose:  ROMX

Hey...does this bucket

make my butt look



Kofi tried to fit in the water

bucket.  He seemed happy to

let his rear end hang over the edge.

He had just run a course at

the SSCGB Herding Trial and

wanted to cool off any way he could.



Kofi finished his Herding Excellent A Course Ducks and tied for High in Trial with a 94


Kofi is a full litter brother to our Pace and is steady as a rock. 

He is a "thinker" with a strong desire to please.  Quiet in temperament, he is a

 lovable teddy bear but lives to work.  He is kind and patient with his stock but doesn't let

anybody call his bluff.  He is my "right hand man" around the farm.

Have you HERD??


At Patriot Hill Farm...We've definitely

got our ducks in a row!



All of us at Patriot Hill Farm

are so proud to announce and



Patriot's DB Burnin' Ember


and Linda M. on their recent

Perfect 200

Obedience Score

first time out with

scores of 197, 199.5 and 200

All High in Trials !!!


Patriot RQ Let Freedom Zing

and Mickey R. on their recent



Patriot RP  Rapid Fire

and Mindy M. on their recent

Rally Excellent Title

Photo by In Motion Photography

Whew!!!   What a weekend!  ....Rose WON ALL of her runs, went HIGH IN TRIAL for her Ducks Course B, was actually RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL for her Ducks Course A and went HIGH SCORING BORDER COLLIE all on the same day.  (She had to give up the Res HIT as AKC doesn't allow the same dog to get both HIGH and RESERVE HIT on the same day).  Kofi kicked butt as well....went 4th in Ducks Course A and 2nd in Ducks Course A with Rose and Kofi being the only qualifiers with 18 entries in Ducks on Sunday.  Lots of crate decorations for one weekend!!!

UPDATE: We did it again...at the SSCGB Herding Trial, Rose scored 1st in the Duck classes with scores of 96 and 95 for a tie for Reserve HIT, Kofi took 2nd to Rose with a score of 89 and 90!



Photo by In Motion Photography


Pace  X Goody

These pups have all been placed


Contact Karen Herceg, Cyclone BCs

for more info:  cyclonebc@comcast.net

Karen is also the owner/trainer of Robby


Whelped July 1, 2006, B/W Rough-Coated

Excellent Hips/Elbows Normal

CERF: Clear Normal

CEA: Normal by Parentage



    HC HTCh JusDandy Jaydee HXAds HXBs HRDIIIs

    ABC-203265 (smooth blk/wht)

    BCSA StockDog of Distinction Award



    HC WTCH HTCh WNT Norwood's Liza HXAscd

    N-72031 (Rough blk/wht)

Photo courtesy of Cindy Noland Photography

and Karen Herceg, Goody's Owner/Trainer


Congratulations to "Emmie"

(Patriot DB Burnin' Ember, NA, NAJ)

First time in the Agility ring:  1st Place: Novice Std and JWW



UCD Patriot's  RQ Air Assault  (Rose X Quirk)




  Owned, Trained and Handled

  by Karen H., W. Va



  **Thank you Karen and to

  Cindy Noland, Photographer,

   for such a stunning photo

  of "Jenny"...sailing over her

   jump in a recent agility trial


  Jenny has her Mother's

  beautiful expression

  and her Daddy's gorgeous



  Jenny's kids are now marching

  toward their performance careers

  in obedience and agility.




Congratulations to.....Ruby

Patriot's Fire N' Ice  TDI, CD, CDX, UD, NA, NAJ, OA, NFP

and now...UDX!

And....Obedience Master Title!

 Owned, Trained, Shown and Loved  by Mindy M. of Arizona


We are so proud to announce...another Patriot

                    Master Agility Champion!!!

MACH Patriot RQ Ready, Aim and Fire, MX, MXJ, RN, XF



Owned, trained, and loved by Debby Q, Houston, TX

Debby, Congratulations to you and Rip!!   Well Done!




"The "Ripster"




Patriot RQ Single Shot, NA, NAJ

"Slyder" finished his NAJ with a course time of

16.71 seconds!

"Slyder" - Owned , Trained and Loved by

Debbie Q., Houston, TX

Thank you, Bonnie Crews, for such a stunning photo of "Sly"





Text Box: Patriot's KR Midnight Fireworks, AX,  AXJ
"Ellie" Owned, Trained, Handled by Diane R., Illinois
d idnightFireworks


Patriot's Fire N' Ice  TDI, CD, CDX, UD, NA, NAJ, OA, NFP

and now...UDX!

Ruby also has the AKC....Obedience Master Title!

 (Ruby) Owned by Mindy M. of Arizona



















Patriot DB Missile Toes (Hollie)

Owned by Breeder/Trainer/Handler   Jana Brady



Patriot's DB Mercury Rising (Merc)




Patriot's RP Madison (Maddie)


Owned and Loved by Becky D. of Virginia







Burnin' Ember



Owned and loved

by Lin M. of





Scorch (left)

and Emmie (right)









Owned and loved

by Lloyd V. of






Thank you, Lloyd and Lin, for

such wonderful pictures of

Emmie and Scorch!


Patriot's RQ

Single Shot



Owned and

loved by

Debby Q of












Patriot's RP

Ketchin' On Fire


 Spoiled Rotten Homeboy





Patriot's RP

Rapid Fire



Owned and

adored by

Mindy M. of Arizona


Patriot's DB




Owned and


by Mickey R. Missouri